History of creation PSI MICRON

Traditional screen analysis is not useful for automation. Attempts of creation a screen particle size indicator were undertaken, but the matter was not farther single samples. Stream instruments were necessary. Ultrasonic devices have essential disadvantages. There are necessary to un-magnetic and to gather out an air from a pulp. It essentially complicates and rises a price of the unit.

In the beginning of 60-th years I have paid attention to two circumstances.

  1. The complementarily of a content of large and small-sized classes is main legitimacy at processes of grinding and classification and described by the well-known Rozin-Rammler equation.
  2. There is also such parameter, as an average diameter of particles in the ground product. This parameter was investigated in detail by scientists and allows to define properties of mixture of deferent size mineral grains in one metric. But it is a difficult technical task to count all particles and to measure a diameter of each of them in the real stream of a pulp.

By connecting together these two factors and by conducting own researches, I have proved that measuring an average diameter only of large classes, it is possible to have the authentic information on any selected check class in an analyzed pulp.

By result of my further searches there was the creation of a direct contact method of particle size measurement and particle size indicator the MICRON.

The evolution of the MICRON is indicated in photos.

The first working sample

At laboratory

First samples at the plant

MICRON is in using

1989, Vammala, Finland. The CEO (right at photo) is very interesting of results of the Russian MICRON tests