The base construction of the PSI MICRON includes:

    The sensor with the washing mechanism Secondary device with the built-in card of measurement result processing

The sensor with the washing mechanism can be installed in any available places where it is more convenient to move pulp stream (8-12 l/min) and to dump it back in the technological process. It can be a place over an agitation box, flotation cell etc. So, it is not always acceptable using beforehand produced frame construction, made in industrial conditions, with pulp boxes. The secondary device can be placed on distance from the sensor up to 75 м, and it is not necessary to install the secondary device near to the sensor. A scale and display pointer of the secondary device are well visible to staff from large distance. The 24-hour diagram visually fixes change of current particle size value in analyzed pulp at any time.

The base construction the PSI MICRON is universal, is low cost, is mobile and is suitable for ore dressing factories and cement plants with small and large productivity.

I want to pay your attention to one important metrology aspect. The PSI MICRON (PSI-200) makes measurement of one metric - average size of particles which have got under measuring element, or value, equivalent to this size, for example, constantly updated sum in the array of the grains sizes (my invention, patent No 1839536, 1987). As it was investigated and proved by me, this metric is hardly correlated with the percentage of any selected check class (for example, -74 microns, -147 microns or other). This allows using an output signal of the secondary device (4 - 20 mA or 0 - 5 mA) to calculate on the personal computer the full particle size characteristic for each current size value of grains in pulp. But changing the ratio between size classes in the technological process is a difficult technical task, and the solution cannot be supplied by measuring instrument. Therefore the PSI MICRON (PSI-200) included in the control system of a grinding or a classification, provides necessary conditions by maintenance of an average diameter of measuring grains. So, amateurish declarations of plagiarists that "their original instrument" as against my MICRON, measures two, three classes or all characteristic, are destined to same layman and lamers.

I want to notice once more, the instrument measures only one metric, but the scale of the secondary device can calibrate for several classes. So, the MICRON today is a compact measuring system having large metric possibilities. These one can be realized according to the requirements to tools of a technological process control at concrete plant at any moment. PSI MICRON can be used in laboratories successfully. In this case pulp sample in one liter and more circulates in the closed cycle through the instrument.

The MICRON can measure the particle size of a powder product. For this some powder (200300 ml) is loading into a water (800 ml) circulating through the sensor. The calibration of this device makes by the screen analysis method.

Technical Specifications

Absolute Accuracy 1-2%
Size Range 20-4000 microns
Power supply 220 v
Power Requirement 35 w
Output Signal 4-20 mA or 0 - 5mA
Water Pressure 1-6 bar
Water Consumption 10 l per 7 days
Pulp flow through sensor 8-12 l/min
Ambient Temperature 5-50  oC
Sensor weight with washing mechanism 16 kg
Secondary device weight 10,5 kg
Sizes: sensor with washing mechanism 430+110+300 mm
secondary device 320+320+200 mm