Thiefs and impostors

There were some more attempts to produce my technology of measurement of particle size for somebody own invention. Here I shall not be to mention about earlier and "modest" ones.

The serious attempt of plagiarism was made by someone M. Afanisiev from Grozni city (USSR). The MICRON was named as the GREM device, and he produced and introduced on cement plants (for example, in UST-DJEGUTA place on Caucasus).

Mr. V. Topchaev (Moscow, Russia) had one more attempt to appropriate the my invention. Today he continues to explore my property as his own. It's an absolutely fresh example of assignment of the another's intellectual property in Russia.

Swindlers have given attention also to me. The request of the MICRON has arrived from affiliate of South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. This was PERITECH company, proprietor is Mr. David Faul . I have sent to him the device but he has not wished to pay money. On my complaint to the chief of institute (Mr. Mohring) the answer was that such branch or affiliate are not present. Well, look at this: