I have experience of "cooperation" with Finland and

present to You here a Finnish reality regarding copyright protection and business. Finns steal inventions and business

I am a victim of the Finnish state intellectual piracy. The essence of my story. Finns persistently have invited to industrial tests created by me method of measurement and device MICRON. As a result of these successful industrial tests appeared Finnish pirated clones of my device: PSI 200 and PSI 300. My authorship also was misappropriated by the Outotec Company (former Outokumpu Technology}. Now my invention is known in the world as "Finnish finesse.But I have no intentions to give away my invention which is demanded in the world to the Finnish pirates from Outotec. They destroyed my business by an unfair competition. Please read Article 10bis of “Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property” In this case, there are two beneficiary: the state and the company. The state gets a lot of taxes to the budget, the company - a livelihood.

All documents were sent to president, the prime minister, the speaker and the leaders of parliamentary fractions, and even in the media. My previous complaints (according to Finnish laws) to the police, prosecutor's office, to the Chancellor of Justice, the Ombudsman was not satisfied. Therefore an appeal to the Finnish court is useless. It will take the same decision, which adopted these instances.

Since the Finnish authorities don't carry out Article 10bis of “Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property” I was compelled to address to the European Commission. The Directorate-General for Competition wrote to me a very interesting arguments, but eventually brought me back to the Finnish authorities. However, the Finnish authorities condone an intellectual piracy and keep total silence. The misappropriation of my intellectual property and my business by Finland enriched "European values". I think, consequences of my "cooperation" with Finland will serve as caution to your scientists and inventors in different countries. I make all for this.